When in Korea

Alissa’s Story

Nestled in a rural city in South Korea, with a population of just over one hundred thousand people, is a small community of foreigners.

In October 2015, a young female from Hamburg, Germany arrived to the shores of Sacheon city for employment, joining this small community.

Teaching English? No.

Working for SAMCO (Sacheon Aerospace Manufacturing Ind. Co. Ltd.) as an Assistant Manager in the Program Office.

This is Alissa Kuksina.


When asked if this was the first time traveling to Korea, she responds very simply with, “no.”

The 27-year-old was an exchange student at SolBridge International Business School in Daejeon city (대전시), so she was quite familiar with the country and its culture and traditions.

However, Daejeon is nothing like Sacheon.

Alissa went from living in the fifth largest metropolitan city to a rural city renowned for being a site for live fish distribution centres.

Despite not having a dramatic culture shock when moving to Sacheon, Alissa did admit it was a bit overwhelming to live in a smaller city than what she was used to before because of the natural landscapes that outnumbered skyscraper buildings.

The assistant manager of SAMCO shares that her first day on the job was not filled with party streamers and platters of pastry foods in the staff room.



When Alissa is not in the office dealing with international customers for SAMCO, one can expect her to be traveling around different cities of Korea, exploring the different sceneries.

Alissa enjoys visiting the different Buddhist temples scattered around the country.

As a recommendation, Alissa suggests for those visiting or planning to one day live and work in Korea, to make the most of seeing the numerous cities as it is very accessible to do so.

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